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How music sites are run in Russia

Those sites which give free music online have been in existence for a long time and so has the complaints by the music industry. However these sites, with most of them originating from Russia, take a different legal perspective to defend themselves from these accusations and complaints. They have always argued that in their home soil they are completely legal. The fact however remains that these Russian sites are very good at what they do.

For those people who are accessing them for the first time, one thing is for sure that they are going to get a nice surprise. The sites have some of the moist broad libraries that you can find not to mention the fact that they have some of the cheapest music that you can hope to find anywhere. This has definitely made them a great nuisance to the popular music labels with these sites selling a track for as little as 9 cents and some albums going for slightly above a dollar. Apart from all these they have always said they are legal claiming that they pay fees to their collecting society.

To understand how these Russian sites are run and why their music is so cheap, it would first be a good idea to understand where they get their music from. After doing searches on the Russian online music stores, one thing that you will realize is that they rip their music from sites such as torrent and the top sites of Scene. One good example of a pirate group that does this is the 1KING which is popular for the release of radio shows rips which are unofficial. The weird side of this is that almost none of their releases are found on the LegalSounds.

There are also terms that are associated with pirating releases and these are associated with the Russian sites. Take the case of a group whose music release fails to meet the criteria of the Scene maybe because they have broken the rules. What happens is that another site will come up, take the music and release another version which is better. This version is also commonly known as PROPER. Apart from this they also include the name PROPER in the track’s description.

Another term that is used is ‘ADVANCE’ which is used to indicate an album copy which was leaked earlier and in most of the cases it is used in the tracks file name which are not authorized. Even with its meaning you will be surprised to find that there are many tracks of the kind selling yet with this term in their file name. Even though the Russians sites are somehow amazingly cheap, you will be surprised to find that when selling their music they will even sell music which is free. A good example is the album ‘safe’ by Dan Bull which the sites are selling even with the fact that it is given away for free to the fans. This has shocked some of the artists who have tried to attract fans by giving their music away for free after finding it on the Russian sites with an attached price tag.