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You will be able to contact other members and search for their data that is shared after you have logged in to the Members’ Area. No personal information is shared with others, also only data that is allowed to share will be available to others. Use a nickname in order not to share your personal information.

Use the login fields above to enter. If you are here for the first time, take advantage of the opportunity to register as a member by clicking the Sign Up button in the menu or Register Now above. After gaining the membership, you will be able to start downloading unlimited files directly to your PC. The File Center and search are very simple to use and online support is always there to help. Search any media you wish to get the desired files fast and free.

After you have finished with the registration process, you will recieve an e-mail to the address filled during the registration, so please be sure to fill in a working e-mail address. If you are not able to log in, you most probably have entered wrong info, and you can try to use the login sent in the e-mail.

Improvements that the new version of BTJunkie gives, are extremely useful. Most possibilities providing torrent engine, many format choices, fastest download speed, no adware or pop-ups and technical support are only some of the remarkable parts of BTJunkie.