BTJunkie has proven to be the world’s leading torrent tracker that offers fastest speed. Basically, bittorrent is a file trading protocol that provide users possibilities to get large size files directly to the computer fast and free.

It can be categorized under public tracking service which ables its users to download movies, music, games, documents and more. If you want to start using the leading torrent search, you need to sign up as a user. BTJunkie system is free for users and this makes it the most popular download website.

The community and support of BTJunkie is 99% up of the time. We cannot always predict catastrophes but so far we have been able to prevent major interruptions in the tracker’s work. This is why it is a reliable and stable network. We have written this section here to help you with smaller problems and if users need any more assistance they are always welcome to contact our 24/7 support online. The whole team is making efforts to improve the system but our resources are limited, so please be patient.

The servers of BTJunkie consist of different files and formats like audio, video, software, games, tv shows, pdf documents, ebooks etc. After someone registers as a user, he/she will be able to download all the files in the network without any additional costs.

Take a look at the FAQ below if something is still unclear for you. In any other occasions use the support to get answers.


What is BTJunkie?
BTJunkie is the fastest and largest torrent tracker on the web. It stores files for downloading.

What is torrent tracker?
It is a peer-to-peer protocol that is used for file sharing. Users can share large amount files using the torrent trackers.

Why do you claim BTJunkie to be the best?
BTJunkie is the only torrent system that finds files from other torrent sites also, so it offers its users all the torrents on the web. Plus it has the fastest download speed up to 8000kb/s.

How can I download files using BTJunkie?
You just have to download and install it to start using. It can be done using the simple installation wizard that will give you instant access.

What is a .torrent file?
It is a tiny metadata file that contains information about the location of the file you are going to download. Users don’t need any knowledge about the file extension for downloading.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact our online support at once.

How to uninstall?

If you certainly not enjoy our Windows app, this is actually truly very easy to uninstall that. Go to on Uninstall link (Add/Remove Programs in more mature Windows models), which can be found in Control Panel. If you can not locate that, or even you possess latest Windows, at that point use the regional quest to discover the uninstall type.