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BTJunkie – the fastest torrent system

Welcome to the fastest and largest bittorrent search engine – BTJunkie – that is also the most advanced torrent tracker with over 3 million active torrents. Thousands of torrents are added everyday, so there will always be enough files to download. Members can download mp3, movies, games, programs and other files directly to the computer and all of it is free for users!

What makes BTJunkie the best torrent site?

  • It has an automatic bot that crawls the Internet.
  • Everyone can become a user by installing the software on the computer.
  • Downloading files is free for users.
  • Torrent Mail sends notifications about new torrents added (optional).
  • Torrents can be commented and reported.
  • Fastest download speed up to 8000kb/s.

More about BTJunkie

BTJunkie is the only torrent tracker that has a web crawler for searching torrents of other similar torrent sites. It means if you use BTJunkie, you will be able to use all the well-known torrent trackers in one place. All torrents are stored in its database for instant downloading. This is why it doesn’t have to compete with other download sites, because it will provide files from its competitors as well. Simple and fast it is, BTJunkie – the best torrent indexer on the Internet in 2011.

BTJunkie provides private and public sources using the automated bot that scans the web for high quality files. One only has to become a member to start downloading movies, music, games, software that is available by the BTJunkie crawler. BTJunkie provides torrents for downloading clean and quality files. It is extremely user-friendly, and BTJunkie is the only torrent tracker that provides online technical support for users.

Only torrent trackers give the chance to lay hands on best audio-video, programs, games and other. BTJunkie does not necessarily need to add torrents itself while it gathers all the files being shared on other torrent trackers. It has an advanced filter that detects infected and corrupt files at once, these are removed before users are able to download. If you are new to the system, online tutorials and support will help you after you have become a member of BTJunkie.

Use the most simple search and fastest download source on the Internet. BTJunkie boosts the speed of your downloads up to 8000kb/s, which is the fastest torrent source in reality. This is why millions of people are satisfied with BTJunkie and everyday thousands of people register for access. Watching movies and downloading music couldn’t be any easier than with BTJunkie. Sign up today, downloading is fast and free.

BTJunkie is a very well known search engine which you can use for downloading all kinds of files from the internet. You will be able to download files at a superb speed by using BTJunkie. It is an advanced torrent engine and makes use of what is known as a web crawler for the downloading of files from the internet. By using this web crawler, BTJunkie searches for torrent files by browsing all the torrent sites there are on the internet. After it has searched and downloaded the torrent files, it stores these files in its database. The BTJunkie search engine is characterized by some popular features.

Popular Features of BTJunkie

Indexes Public and Private Trackers
One of the most popular features of BTJunkie is that this search engine makes use of indexes public and private trackers by using one automatic web crawler. This web crawler scans the entire internet for the torrent files. The web crawler enables the search engine to search out all the torrent files online in a most efficient manner. The search results begin showing almost immediately.

Files Stored in Database
All the files which the search engine downloads from the internet are safely stored in the engine’s database. So you need not worry about any of these files getting lost. Whatever files are downloaded from the internet are contained inside the database and you will be able to access the downloaded files whenever you want. You will never have to fear about the files disappearing from your search engine altogether.

Uses Cookies for Tracking Downloads
The BTJunkie search engine makes use of cookies for tracking down all the downloads that you make. As a result you will not have to register for the purpose of rating the torrent. The feedback and the ratings which you give are used for the proper filtering and flagging of malicious torrents which are uploaded onto the torrent search engine’s website.

Tracks and Downloads Wide Range of Files
One of the most unique features of the BTJunkie torrent site is the amazing number of files which the search engine is able to track and download. BTJunkie hardly leaves out any torrent file online and successfully manages to download all possible torrent files that are there on the internet. You will be able to download all kinds of files on the internet ranging from video games and music to even movies. You will also be able to download a large number of games by using the BTJunkie search engine.

Register for Membership
A wonderful feature of the BTJunkie torrent engine is that you can register in order to use this search engine. You can download everything entirely free of cost after you have become a member.

Thus, BTJunkie search engine is serviced by some really amazing features which make it by far the most well known bit torrent search engine on the internet.